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Dutchess County Roofing: Article About Getting The Roof Ready For Winter

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Homeowners who live in areas that experience harsh winter storms have a unique set of challenges to face each year. The roof is the most exposed portion of the home, and it is not uncommon for major issues to develop as a result of ice dams, heavy snowfall, and extreme cold temperatures. However, homeowners who take the necessary steps to safeguard their roofs prior to inclement weather striking the area can prevent many issues from developing, which could help them save much money and stress. Homeowners are encouraged to contact a Dutchess County roofing expert during the fall to conduct a thorough roof inspection, which could reveal which portions of the roof might be most prone to becoming damaged during the winter. These are some of the areas professional roofing contractors might check in order to ensure that the home is ready for winter.

Roofing contractors will check to see there are no leaks coming from the roof, which could become major problem areas if snow and ice develop. Holes in the roof are ideal spots where water could freeze, which could cause the shingles to expand and break off or to become cracked. It is not always easy to discover leaks, but one common indication of leaks is if there are spots on the ceiling.

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Roofing contractors will inspect the shingles to ensure they can handle the cold winter weather efficiently. If they discover areas where the shingles have begun to curl, blister, or cup, the contractors will most likely recommend that the damaged pieces be repaired. Blistering shingles often indicate that there is insufficient roof ventilation, and contractors can install more ventilation before the winter season comes in order to make sure there is proper air flow circulation. An indication that the shingles might be reaching the end of their life span is if there are shingle granules in the gutters.

Roofing contractors will look for cracks, rust, and corrosion in the flashing around the chimney and protruding vents on the surface of the roof. If any of these signs are present, contractors will need to replace the flashing so that snow and ice will not melt and seep between the cracks and cause water leaks.

Roofing contractors will also ensure that the attic area inside the house is properly insulated, which will not only help improve the energy efficiency of the home but also help protect the roof from ice dams and snow accumulation.

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