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Dutchess County Roofing: Article About Improving Energy Efficiency With Insulation

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As people have become increasingly aware about how important it is to purchase environmentally friendly products, many homeowners are searching for ways to improve their energy consumption. While there are plenty of green roofing materials to choose from such as cool roofs and solar panels and shingles, one of the most cost effective ways to increase energy efficiency is to have a Dutchess County roofing professional add more insulation. This could improve the atmosphere inside the home and help homeowners save money on their energy bills each year. Properly insulated and ventilated attics also help increase the longevity of the roof. Here are some of the things contractors will consider when adding insulation to the home.

Contractors will examine the existing insulation that is already in the attic, floors, basement, crawl spaces, and outer walls, and they'll assess its current condition. They will only install insulation that has the recommended R value for the specific area because different regions might require different values, based on the local climate.

When it comes to properly insulating the attic, blown in insulation or fiberglass batts are ideal choices.

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Blown in cellulose insulation has become a very popular choice as well, but a company that specializes in the product will need to install it. In some cases, contractors can apply new layers of fiberglass batts on top of the existing insulation, and they'll ensure that it reaches to the top of the ceiling joists for maximum results.

It is important to make sure that the exterior walls on the home are also properly insulated. This job is typically completed during the construction of the home, but as building codes are updated, contractors might discover that the existing insulation inside the walls is insufficient. Since the exterior walls directly touch the roof, adding more insulation could be a beneficial way to enhance the roof's longevity.

Whenever contractors install insulation in the floors, if the home is located in a colder climate, the contractor will place the vapor barrier side of the insulation facing upwards in order to prevent damage from moisture. In colder areas, air usually moves from the inside of the home to the outside of it, and if the insulation is improperly installed, it could allow mold or algae to grow on the material. In warmer climates, contractors should apply the vapor barrier facing downwards, which will also protect the material from becoming exposed to moisture.

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