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Determining whether to repair or replace a roof can be difficult for homeowners, but there are certain things to watch for that signal it's time for a new one as opposed to a simple patch up. In either case, it's wise to contact a Dutchess County roofing professional who can make sure the job gets done correctly, as roofing is not a do it yourself project.

One of the things that individuals should check for regularly is the condition of the roof itself. In particular, if there are signs of wear, such as curling or buckling in the shingles, this is an early indication that something needs to be done before damage starts to build up. When there is curling or buckling, the seal is no longer tight, and that will allow water to seep in and cause structural and interior damage that can be expensive to fix. Other outward signs of excessive wear include cracking, crumbling, and missing shingles.

In addition to the overall appearance of a roof, there are other, less obvious signs to watch for. Homeowners need to be diligent to regularly inspect these more subtle indications so that if a problem arises, it can be dealt with speedily. Signs of mold or algae growth, whether on the roof itself or on the interior surfaces of the home, such as the ceiling and walls, may mean that too much moisture is getting in through the roof.

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If it's a small area, a patch job may do the trick, but normally, once a roof begins to cause issues, it will continue to do so until it's replaced.

Also, small changes or the appearance of cracks inside a home may be easily overlooked. Many people assume that if a hairline crack appears on their ceiling or a wall, then it's a foundational issue, but that may not be the case. Although foundational problems can cause cracks, so can roofs that are structurally weakening, causing them to put pressure on the house and resulting in physical damage.

By inspecting both the exterior and interior of a roof on a monthly basis, homeowners can be more in tune with the shape that their roof is in and more likely to be aware of when it's time for a replacement. It's especially important to look for signs of damage or wear and tear at the change of seasons, when unpredictable or more forceful weather can appear, such as rain or snowstorms or strong winds, that can put the stability of a roof to the test.

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