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Dutchess County Roofing: Article About Reroofing In The Winter

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At some point, homeowners are likely to find that they may need to reroof their home. They usually go about the process of contacting their local Dutchess County roofing contractors to get the process started as soon as the weather begin to warm up; however, they may find that it could take weeks or even months to get their new roof. If homeowners do not want to wait until the spring for their new roof, they may potentially be able to schedule the construction during the winter.

Although it may seem counter intuitive, winter may be the best time to have a new roof installed. Especially in areas that experience cold, snowy and wet winters, demand during this particular season is low. This means that the roof installation may happen within a much shorter timeframe than during the spring or summer. A contractor can potentially schedule a roof installation during dry winter days that lack substantial precipitation.

While there are certain advantages to reroofing in the winter, there are certain concerns that homeowners should keep in mind. One of the major concerns is the roofing materials; some roofing materials can only be installed under certain temperature conditions. For example, adhesives that are used during the installation of flat roofs could freeze.

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Shingles also need to undergo a particular process called thermal sealing, which requires several days of temperatures that are at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Further, it is much easier for roofers to either improperly install the roofing materials or even cause damage to the roofing materials. In cold weather, for example, certain types of underlayment often become brittle, making it much more likely to tear or be laid down improperly. Shingles can be damaged by cold nails or even by roofing guns, which are used on most roofing construction sites. Also, because winter construction can also be more dangerous, there may also be delays if the weather turns or becomes extreme.

It is understandable that homeowners may be wary to have a new roof installed due to these concerns; however, it should be noted that many professional contractors offer the same labor warranties for roofs that were installed over the winter as roofs that were installed during the warmer months. If a homeowner is considering a new roof installation, they should contact their local roofers to determine if it would be advantageous to have the home reroofed during the winter.

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