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While many home improvement stores tend to sell the same type of roofing products, every home might require different roofing materials in order to be fully protected from exposure from the elements. Depending on the local climate and seasonal weather patterns, some roofs might require extra levels of protection in order to maintain its estimated longevity. Homeowners are encouraged to ensure that their roofing materials offer sufficient protection for their home; a qualified Dutchess County roofing professional can offer suggestions about improvements that can be made to enhance the roof's performance capabilities. Here are some of the most basic recommendations about which materials suit which homes.

Homes that are located in climates that experience high levels of humidity and precipitation should ideally feature roofing materials that resist mold and algae growth. While asphalt shingles are generally inexpensive and very durable in nature, homeowners who live in tropical climates should ensure that their asphalt shingles are treated with algaecides in order to receive sufficient protection. Metal roofing products are also an excellent choice for humid areas. Most new metal roofs are rust and algae resistant, and they also protect the interior of the home from water damage.

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If the area experiences frequent hail storms that produce high winds, metal roofs are a better option than traditional shingles because they will not blow off.

Homeowners who live in hot climates should consider asking a professional contractor about the benefits associated with cool roofs. As opposed to rubber roofing materials that draw heat into the interior of the house, or lighter colored asphalt shingles that are still darker than other tile options, cool roofs can improve the energy efficiency of the home and buffer the effects of exposure to UV rays. A popular option for homes that are located in desert regions is clay tiles. They help block heat and are also wind resistant, and they can create an attractive finish that enhances the aesthetic value of the home.

Slate and tile roofing choices might offer better protection for homes that are located in climates that receive heavy amounts of snowfall during the winter seasons. Unlike homes that are located in hot climates, homes that are located in cooler climates benefit from dark colored shingles because they help draw heat into the home. While rubber roofing materials might look less attractive than other products, they also help retain heat, and they tend to be more wind resistant than slate and tile roofing products. This is an ideal choice for areas that experience seasonal tornadoes.

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