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Have you ever seen water dripping from your ceiling? Did your last roof fail due to water damage? If you have a flat roof, do you often see standing water over its top? The next time you need to re-roof your building, think about how your roof's drainage system is working for your home. Without addressing the intrinsic issues with your drainage system, you're setting your next roof up for fast failure.

Frequently, roofs start to fail due to the sheer weight of the elements upon them. One common Orange County NY roofing issue homeowners deal with is snow. Winter weather conditions can lead to snow standing on a roof for weeks at a time, and each new storm brings more weight upon your roof. For these roofs, the best solution is to remove the snow buildup as fast as possible. Metal roofing in particular makes snow slide off faster, especially as the weather starts to warm. Composite roofs tend to add too much friction, making it easier for the ice to cling to the roof.

Another important consideration is roof slope. On mountains where snowfall is typical, you'll find roofs constructed with very steep roof slopes. In more temperate climates, steep roofs also help lessen the impact of rain water and hail. The angle helps to increase durability under adverse weather conditions by causing rain and hail to hit in a more "glancing" way, reducing the strength of each individual impact.

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In the long run, the impact of rain can weaken your roof shingles.

In addition to the pitch of your roof, think about your gutters and downspouts. If your gutters have some sort of leaf protection, like a filter or a sift, they're less likely to fill and cause pooling on your roof. Too much weight from water pooling could cause the gutters to start sagging, damaging the foundation of your roof where the gutters are attached.

Downspouts should also be cleaned frequently to avoid clogging. While you may be tempted to forgo downspouts when installing drainage systems, not only is this inadvisable, but it may be against local building codes. Downspouts help safely direct the water to a place where it won't cause any damage. Without a downspout, water may simply run off the side of your building, causing costly issues with runoff on wood panels and metal siding.

Downspouts and drainage pipes are particularly important on flat roofs for this reason, especially in wetter areas. Any pooling can quickly harm the membrane of the roof, which hastens the need for re-coating. If your drainage system is hidden within the building, it's important to perform regular checks to avoid leaks.

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