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With the advent of technologies like thin-film solar panels, many property owners want to install solar systems on their roofs. While the economic advantages are obvious, one pertinent question remains: Can your home or professional building accommodate solar?

The direction your roof faces is one of the most important considerations for solar panels. These devices need to face the sun, meaning that your Orange County NY roofing has to be on the south slope of your building. Such placement allows the panels to harvest as much natural energy as possible while the sun transits across the sky with the changing seasons.

Of course, you can still install solar panels on a poorly angled roof if you're willing to have the area built up to the correct slope, but this kind of work is expensive. It also eliminates the benefit of being able to install your panels inline with the existing slope of the roof.

After finding an appropriate area for your new solar installation, you can decide how much space you'll dedicate to the project. Most people don't install solar panel shingles on the entirety of the roof face; surrounding these panels with asphalt shingles is the most common solution because it makes it easier to create an effective seal against wind and weather.

The roofers at Precision Roofing of Orange County NY can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or slate roofing.

The amount of surface area you use for your solar panels directly impacts how much energy you can generate. All photovoltaic cells have efficiency limits, meaning that they can only harvest so many photons per square foot even under direct, intense sunlight.

One common alternative to shingle-style solar roofing is metal-panel solar roofing. In these systems, the thin films are affixed directly onto metal roofing substrates. Because the metal roofing sections prevent the edges of the solar films from lifting, these systems can generally be used to create wider installations within the same amount of overall space.

Other important considerations include the current material condition of your roof and the associated systems. For instance, solar panels generate DC electricity, but your home's wiring uses AC. In most cases, certified roofers will also have to install equipment to convert the DC output to usable AC, and this process may play out differently depending on how well your attic has been maintained over the years. If the upper loft areas in your building are full of rot, decay or water damage, they may not be safe for electrical wiring until proper repairs have been made.

The majority of homeowners are pleased to discover that they can take advantage of solar systems and shave some money off of their energy bills year round. Of course, weather patterns play a role in how much energy you generate, but as a general rule, most problems can be conquered with the assistance of an experienced roofing specialist.

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