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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Choosing Flat Roofs Or Sloped Roofs

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If you are a building owner, you probably have a million worries about how to best maintain your property. From the needs of your tenants to the color of the paint on the walls, you're used to solving the problems it takes to make the property profitable. At this point, you know the best way to help your building run smoothly is by doing the proper research. When it comes to your roof though, one of the more difficult choices can be what shape to go with. If you're trying to decide between sloped and flat roofs, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before you call in the local roofing company.

Integrity of the roof is probably the most important aspect of your decision. While flat roofs offer many benefits, sloped roofs clearly come out ahead when it comes to the structural integrity of the roof. For residents looking into Orange County NY roofing, this is important because heavy rain and snowfall have much more of a chance of pooling on a flat roof than on a sloped roof. Additionally, the direct impact of falling debris is heavier on a flat roof, while on a sloped roof the blow will be more glancing.

However, flat roofs tend to have lower maintenance costs than sloped roofs.

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For example, replacing shingles on a composite roof is much more expensive and time intensive than simply spraying a waterproof coating on a flat roof. Also, since flat roofs are not generally visible to people using the building, there's much less of a need to keep up a sparkling, aesthetic appearance. Finally, cleaning a flat roof is much easier than cleaning a sloped roof because you don't have as great of a danger of contractors slipping off a flat roof, due to the minimal roof pitch.

Insulation is another big factor that plays into the decision between picking a sloped or a flat roof. In colder areas, sloped roofs tend to promote warmer building. Sloped roofs spend more time exposed to the sun, acting as a way to draw heat into the attic. The attic, if properly insulated, helps to passively warm the building throughout the day.

However, during the summer, flat roofs may have the energy-savings advantage. Flat roofs, especially when painted white, reflect a lot of the sun's thermal energy. This helps to keep the commercial building cooler, reducing the costs of air conditioning. For sloped roofing, metal roofs help emulate this energy-saving effect.

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