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Picking a roofing material for your home can be an involved process. In addition to affecting the overall energy efficiency of your building, your choice of shingle, layered roofing or flashing materials makes a big difference in how your home looks. Here are some guidelines to the basics of choosing Orange County NY roofing that you can enjoy.

For many homeowners, aesthetic considerations are the deciding factor in which roofing they'll eventually end up using. Nobody wants to live in a house they think is ugly, so it's important to settle on a combination of building materials that work well together.

First off, identify the visual aspects that you aren't likely to change. For instance, you're usually stuck with the colors found on your existing brick surfaces and vinyl siding unless you plan on a complete building overhaul. Your trim, shutters and painted areas, however, can all be redone to match your latest aesthetic inspirations. As long as your shingles or metal roofing look good with your unchangeable elements, you'll be able to modify the rest of your design to fit.

One of the easiest ways to get an accurate feel for the way two different building material colors look against one another is to juxtapose some fresh samples.

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Most homeowners have leftover pieces of siding or cans of paint sitting around from their last exterior renovation; using construction paper as a background, compare the examples from your home's existing exteriors to your prospective shingle samples.

Use light and dark backgrounds, a natural light source and shaded spaces to get a better feel for how your potential combinations will appear in different ambient light conditions. If you're not sure about a particular color scheme, put a pin in it and come back later. Such experimentation is the best way to hit upon something you truly enjoy.

Still having trouble getting started? You may be able to save yourself some stress by steering clear of colors that are perfect matches. Homes that incorporate monotone palettes are generally boring to look at, but using basic contrast is a great way to add brightness and depth to your structure. As a general rule, combine hues that are on the opposite sides of the color wheel.

Finally, remember that roof color isn't just about curb appeal; it also impacts your home's heat retention. Studies performed by the U.S. Forest Service in 1991 demonstrated that the temperatures beneath roofs with black shingles were significantly higher than those under roofs with white shingles. You may also find that choosing certain energy-efficient materials like metal and solar roof tiles affects which colors you can use. By keeping these considerations in mind as you decide on a final color scheme, you'll be able to create a better-looking home as well as save on heating and cooling.

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