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Spring cleaning: the yearly cleansing ritual that gives your home a fresh feel, providing you a clean slate to start the rest of the year from. However, in the rush to dust window sills and clean out old closets, many homeowners overlook an important area: the top of their homes. If you're looking to add years to your roof's lifespan and protect the value of your home, it's important to clean your roof each and every year. For those of you who are "DIY" aficionados, follow these guidelines to safely clean your roof.

The most important way to start is by first thinking about your safety. If possible, it's best to clean your roof from the ground, using a pressure washer set at its lowest settings or a bug spray dispenser. If you need to get on the roof, such as if there's a great deal of algae to scrub off, wear slip-proof shoes and exercise caution. Time of the year is also important to consider. Orange County NY roofing cleaning should probably wait until winter is well past. Sleet and ice on the roof only increase the chance of falls. Your safety comes first.

Once you've made the necessary safety precautions, cleaning the roof is actually a simple affair.

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Mix bleach, detergent and warm water together in a bucket, making sure that the detergent is bleach safe. Place the mixture in a thoroughly cleaned bug spray dispenser. Then, in several passes, cover the roof with the mixture. Aim towards the roof peaks, allowing the mixture to roll down the roof's slope. The mixture should drain down into the gutter, and the sun should dry the roof off fairly quickly.

If scrubbing for algae or moss is required for a clean room, use a brush with stiff plastic bristles. Algae and moss grow back quickly if any residual growth is left over, so be thorough. Brush vigorously after applying your mixture to the moss; if using moss killer, rinse the shingles free of bleach first to avoid any unwanted damage to the shingle's structure.

For rinsing, you can use a pressure washer, but be careful not to set it on high. Too high of a setting has the potential to damage your shingles' sealing strips, which could cause the shingles to go flying off. The last thing you want to end up doing after cleaning your roof is replacing the shingles, so keep the pressure washer setting under about 400 PSI or even lower if your roof is old. Alternatively, you can also let the rain rinse your roof off, helping to save you a few bucks on your next water bill if the storm clouds are rolling in.

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