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Economic challenges may prompt a homeowner to do their own roof inspections and repairs. While you may consider it good economic sense to save the cost of a professional visit, there can be some disadvantages in doing your own work as well. It's important to evaluate your own ability to deal with any roofing issues at hand before you climb a ladder and get started. It's also wise to consider the time and money that can be saved by working with an Orange County NY roofing professional in some cases.

Safety is one of the most significant reasons to enlist the help of an expert to deal with your roofing issues. Although you may be confident about your ability to scale a ladder to reach the area in question, you need to remember that ladders contribute to numerous accidents and injuries annually. Between 1990 and 2005, for example, U.S. emergency rooms treated an average of 136,000 people each year for injuries connected to ladder use. Your roofing contractor should be licensed and insured so that worker accidents such as falling from a ladder are covered. Doing your own work or hiring an unlicensed individual could create serious medical or legal challenges if a fall occurs.

Another significant reason to defer to professional service for fixing or inspecting your roof is expertise. If you aren't sure about proper patching techniques, for example, you could do more damage than good by trying to work on your own roof.

A roofer at Precision Roofing of Orange County NY can assist you with any questions regarding EPDM roofing or metal roofing.

A small patch may not be a significant challenge. You can use some patching fabric and roofing cement to deal with a small area. Fresh caulk can be applied easily as well. However, your roofer is trained to recognize more significant signs of damage while dealing with a small repair. You may be concerned about a missing shingle, and a professional may take note of additional shingles that are broken, cracked, buckling or blistering. Whereas you may be interested in filling in gaps in caulking, an expert may notice rusting flashing, realizing that an update is a high priority. While these may sound like extra expenses, catching these issues before they get worse could save you from a complete roofing renovation.

The most efficient way to keep your roofing repair costs to a minimum is to schedule regular roofing maintenance services. A roofing inspection each year allows a professional to evaluate the integrity of your existing materials. They will be able to check for signs of wear in shingles and other roofing accents. They can also provide you with an expectation of how long your existing materials should hold up, making it possible to more accurately plan for an eventual roof replacement.

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