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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Dealing With Ice Damage

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Ice-damaged buildings represent major problems for firms with Orange County NY roofing. These organizations stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars when their roofs succumb to progressively worsening material defects, and the problem only grows with time.

So how serious is ice damage? Iced-over patches of roofing are often far more extensive than they appear at first glance, and they can actually lead to other major problems.

Ice-induced layer separation initially occurs when liquid penetrates tiny gaps between roofing materials and then expands as it freezes. Because water undergoes such a drastic change in volume as it transforms from a liquid to a solid state, this phenomenon can lead to the separation of strong industrial adhesives, widespread surface damage, deformation and the loosening of nails and other heavy-duty fasteners.

Weather-driven layer separation isn't your only concern as a property owner, however. When the ice inside your roofing melts, the liquid it releases penetrates a host of nearby building materials, like the wood, gypsum or fiberboard sheets that support your shingles or metal roofing. As the temperature outside rises, such embedded moisture can incubate bacteria that consume cellulose inside building materials and cause wood to rot and weaken.

Another serious side effect of the water penetration that occurs following the incursion of ice is insulation wetting.

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Insulation that gets inundated with moisture becomes a great conductor of heat instead of properly performing its duty as a temperature barrier. Many homes and businesses whose climate control energy bills go up unexpectedly later discover that wet or otherwise compromised insulation is the culprit.

How can you deal with these problems? The only reliable way to diagnose such issues is to work with an experienced roofer. True, you may be able to see the presence of persistent ice buildups on the outside of your roof or around flashing, and in some cases, you'll even note the presence of water inside crawl spaces and attics. Unfortunately, you can't determine the true extent of the internal damage without using advanced technology.

Non-invasive imaging is a common tool for discovering just how far ice damage goes. By employing thermal cameras and similar tools, roofers can get an exact picture of where the water initially gained entry and trace its path to other points of damage. From there, these professionals can perform repairs that correct the problem as quickly as possible before more degradation occurs.

The alternatives to proactive roof diagnosis are bleak. Complete roofing overhauls are expensive, and spot repair jobs run the risk of missing issues that eventually cause electrical wiring shorts or exacerbated damage. For most commercial owners, correcting the problem completely is the only workable solution, especially for those who are expected to maintain compliance with local or federal workplace safety regulations.

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