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A leak in your roof may be present for some time before it actually becomes noticeable. As water penetrates your roofing system, small quantities may not move very far before being absorbed by insulation or having the opportunity to evaporate. Water stains may actually be the first visible indicators that you are experiencing problems, and pinpointing the source may be a challenge. If you notice visible dripping in your home, you may want to consult as quickly as possible with an Orange County NY roofing professional so that damage can be limited as you endeavor to correct the problem.

Identifying the breach in your roofing system that is permitting water to enter can be challenging. Water may penetrate at one point and move along a board or beam before dripping into your attic. The location of dripping water or stains in your structure will provide a clue, but you will need to evaluate surrounding spots on the roof uphill from that location to get a more thorough view of potential sources. You are more likely to pinpoint an exact point of entry on a rainy day as you inspect your attic. However, you may not want to wait until a storm as more exposure can lead to increased damage.

The most common leak sources tend to be areas where roof penetrations occur. Dormers, chimneys and other projections can leave opportunities for exposure. Old caulking can become brittle at these points, compromising the waterproof seal at the edges of sections of flashing that are placed to divert water away from vulnerable areas.

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Keep an eye out for algae as another visible indication of water damage. As you pinpoint an area that may be responsible for your leak, you can pull away a couple of shingles to confirm your suspicion. Water stains and damage in the underlayment can provide validation.

If you are challenged in diagnosing a leak, you may want to consider examining fixtures and structural features other than your shingles and flashing. For example, vents constructed of plastic material can crack. Metal fixtures can rust. A compromise in such a feature can provide access for water during a storm. Dormers also provide opportunities for water infiltration through old or cracked caulking. Check the integrity of such protrusions.

Leaks that manifest during icy conditions may be related to structural issues or ventilation problems. For example, ice dams may occur when your attic ventilation is inadequate. An overheated roof allows snow to melt, and as the melted liquid reaches the cold eaves, it refreezes, causing water to back up and affect the underlying material. Nails protruding through your roof into the attic can collect moisture that condenses during the day. During an icy night, the condensate liquid can refreeze, melting away and dripping in the day. These minor leaks can be addressed by clipping off the exposed nail ends.

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