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While for the longest time, composite and wood shingle roofs were the favorite roofing options for American households, metal roofing may soon become the dominant roof material in the United States. Long used for storage sheds and utility buildings, the cost of metal roofs was once prohibitive for most families and commercial buildings. Changes in both the cost and the longevity of metal roofs are responsible for their surge in popularity. As manufacturing techniques make it easier to produce previously difficult form factors, a variety of cheap metal panel styles are now emerging on the market. If you're considering a metal roof, there are several styles now available that may meet your design needs.

Orange County NY roofing companies have a long history of styles based on the American farmhouse. For homes across the South, even those that aren't part of a farmstead, "shack-like" roofs are in vogue. Also known as vertical metal panels, these straightforward roof components are aesthetically simpler, though no less beautiful, than other styles. They're also among the cheapest metal roofing options, and, thanks to Kynar coating, they retain their colorful luster for years. Additionally, these panels are great for keeping cooling costs down in hot areas.

While vertical metal panels look great out in the countryside, people living in the city may prefer "natural" metal panels. These panels are meant to blend in seamlessly with older buildings and often develop a brownish patina with the passage of time.

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While copper is occasionally used, typically less expensive metal alloys are used. These metal panels are still more expensive than other types of prefabricated metal panels.

Still other panels are meant to replicate nonmetallic materials. The benefit here is you don't have to sacrifice the appearance you're trying to achieve for the lifespan and durability of metal panels. One example includes metal shingles, which look like more elegant cousins to composite roofs. Another advantage of metal shingles over composite roofs is you can pick virtually any color while composite shingles are often restricted to a palette of browns and grays.

Another charming metal style is metal "shake" roofing. This style is meant to look like wood shakes that are often seen in rustic settings without the downsides that wood roofing often comes with. Additionally, not only do these metal shingles look like wood shakes, but they also have a similar texture.

Imitation ceramic tile shingles are another fairly recent addition to the choices, but they are great both functionally and aesthetically. With a similar lifespan to their ceramic cousins, these alternatives are less likely to break and prove much easier to clean. Additionally, installation and repair isn't nearly as time intensive as with ceramic tiles, further bolstering these metal tile panels as legitimate options.

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