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Like most property owners, you're probably aware that your building architecture includes fire prevention measures. The concrete, metal and fiberglass fire barriers built inside the walls of your home or office ensure that even if something does start to burn, the flames will only consume a limited area. What you may not be aware of, however, is the fact that similar technologies should be included in your roofing.

This begs an obvious question: How do you know if your roof's fire barrier is intact? Short of waiting for a disaster to see how it performs under imminent stress, you can take a proactive approach by learning more about how roofing fire barriers are constructed and how they work. From there, you can choose an Orange County NY roofing specialist to assess your building's current condition and make any repairs or improvements deemed necessary.

In general, firewalls and similar prevention technologies work by providing a minimally combustible obstacle that flames must burn through in order to continue spreading outwards. Inside your walls, this barrier often takes the form of a relatively dense concrete slab, although some older homes may use brick instead. Firewalls often pass through and above roofs, especially in tightly packed commercial or residential units.

Due to the weight considerations of roof construction, however, heavier materials are unsuitable for overhead fire barriers. Instead, these constructs rely on other flame-resistant materials, such as gypsum, drywall, fiberglass and metals.

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Because these materials don't burn as readily, they can generally be used in roof decks and other broad surfaces, but they still require additional protection.

Roof decks that include single-ply roofing or built-up layers are often comprised of combustible components. Because many roof decks are made of plywood that is designed to be kept dry, they're highly vulnerable to flame damage, and they can allow fire to move rapidly from one point to another.

There are multiple ways to improve the fire ratings of these building styles. Some approved fire barriers come in the form of fire-resistant slip sheets that have the added benefit of reducing the overall amount of moisture that penetrates roofing. These membranes can be included within the layers of a normal built-up roofing system.

Other fire barriers are manufactured as water-based coatings. Specialists apply these low-VOC materials to existing roofs in order to improve their durability; hygroscopic substances like wood fibers attract and bond to the coatings, ensuring better substrate penetration and long-term fire protection.

Remember that fire barriers are of extreme importance when it comes to minimizing unforeseeable disaster damage. Working with a roofer to determine the condition of your current barrier and build a better one is a critical part of your responsibilities as a property owner, and doing so may also improve your insurance outlook.

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