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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Fascia, Soffits and Siding

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The components known as fascia and soffits play an important role in the function and appearance of your home. Soffits are used to cover gables and the underhang of your roof. They also serve to keep the home from animal intrusion as well as provide ventilation for the attic. Cladding to cover bare wood, seal the ends of the eaves and provide a surface for the installation of the eavestrough is known as fascia. Its primary purpose is acting as a layer of protection between the edge of the roof and the elements. It also gives the roof a smoother, more even appearance.

The consultants at Precision Roofing understand different aspects of Orange County NY roofing including the proper installation of soffits and fascia. Because these components protect the roof and structure of the house from water damage and unwelcome animal entry, you need the job done right the first time. Fascia and soffits are also virtually maintenance free and give the home an enhanced, finished appearance. Both materials are available in a variety of colors and materials.

When selecting the materials for your home, you should pay attention to a few important tips. Aluminum and vinyl are the primary material used today in soffit and fascia installations. There are a variety of gauges and colors that will help to enhance the exterior appearance of the house. Siding is available in vinyl, cement fiber and aluminum; all allow for low maintenance and come in a number of different styles. When you install new siding, the opportunity exists to check and repair, if necessary, vapor retarders such as building wrap and exterior installation.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Orange County NY can assist you with any questions regarding roof repair or metal roofing.

Older homes, classic dwellings or historic houses may have been built with wood-based soffits and fascia. They can be restored with pine, cedar or tongue-and-groove cedar.

Soffits also play an important role in protecting the attic of your home from moisture. The design of soffits is plain with small holes that allow for air circulation. Air from the soffits cycles to the vents and draws heat and moisture away from the house. This stops moisture from forming in the attic, which can lead to rot in the sheathing and rafters.

Siding on the house has decorative and functional value. Not only does it protect the home from the elements, it provides a finished, enhanced appearance. It is also relatively maintenance free and provides energy savings. Aluminum siding and vinyl do not need to be painted as they are not as susceptible to warping and damage from the weather as wood. When insulation is added to the exterior of the house before siding is installed, it should provide significant savings in energy consumption.

Choosing the proper material for your new siding is an important consideration. Vinyl is more fade resistant than aluminum, making it a popular choice. It is dent-proof, and its insulation properties are outstanding. When you are trying to match a newer area of the home to an existing structure already clad in aluminum, it is wise to use the same material.

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