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The roofing system is composed of many different parts that work together as a whole to stop water from the roof of a house from entering the interior. One of the parts of the system is known as flashing. It is attached to the roof where it comes into contact with structures that rise out, therefore creating a space that might not be fully protected by shingles due to the angle of the juncture. Some of the structures include chimneys, parapets, skylights and vents. As exterior temperatures change, these structures are subject to expansion and contraction. The flashing is installed at these parts, forming an effective barrier to restrict the entry of water into the home while also allowing for the protruding structures to expand and contract naturally. If the flashing of your house fails, contact Orange County NY roofing professionals immediately.

Flashing is also installed on areas of the roof where different materials meet such as where the siding of the house intersects with window frames. Flashing on these areas seals the joints and prevents water from entering the dwelling. It acts as a waterproof layer that stops water on its path down to the ground where it can get inside gaps and cracks on the outside of the home.

Flashing is not always visible from the outside of a house. When flashing is concealed within the roof structure, the material used is typically either waterproof membrane or sheet metal.

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Flashing on the exterior of a home should be maintenance free, flexible and made of rust, rot and water-resistant metal. It comes in various colors, which are matched to the color of the shingles. Aluminum is a popular material for flashing for the reason that it is affordable and easy to work with. Copper, which is more expensive but extremely durable, works well with roofs, especially ones constructed with wood-preservatives. If a home has a flat or built-up roof, a material known as roofing felt is typically used.

Homeowners should never attempt to replace flashing. It plays an integral part of keeping water out of the home. If repairs are not done correctly, water can easily penetrate the area where the roof meets the protruding area, causing extensive damage to the ceilings, walls and floors of the home. The water can also cause mold, mildew and eventually rotting to the sheathing of the roof.

Always beware of roofers who say they use caulking instead of flashing. While caulk is fine for use with very small gaps around window frames, it does not stand up well to the elements and will eventually disintegrate, leaving gaps in the roofing system of the home, allowing water to enter.

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