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Since water naturally makes its way to the ground with the help of gravity on sloping roofs, one might wonder why people choose to build houses with a flat roof. The flat surface of a roof makes it susceptible to heavy snow build-up and accumulating storm water. If a home is custom built, many people think the flat roof is more contemporary in design while others prefer the juxtaposition of the roof line with nature. Others purchase an existing dwelling constructed with a flat roof or have houses where a portion of the roof is flat. No matter the reason, flat roofs must have a way to drain rainwater and melting snow off the roof and away from the house. If you suspect the flat roof of your house is causing water damage inside your home, contact an Orange County NY roofing company for immediate assistance.

A flat roof is never constructed completely flat. Though it appears that way to the naked eye, there is always a gentle slope to the surface to help water drain. The slope is angled towards the gutters, which evacuate the water off the roof. Due to their nature, they have a much greater potential for leakage than sloping roofs. They must be checked regularly for standing water. Water should not remain on the roof for more than 48 hours after a rainshower. If you notice water accumulation, contact a trusted and experienced roofer immediately. These problems are best treated before water penetration occurs, causing damage to the interior of the home.

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Also, since standing water attracts the growth of moss, regular checks should be done to ensure that none is growing. Due to the way moss roots onto a surface, its presence can be very harmful to a flat roof. If you see any sign of moss, purchase treatment at a hardware store, and gently remove it. Any new growth should be dealt with in the same manner. Trimming the branches of trees that hang over the roof will remove shade where moss loves to grow and help keep moss growth at bay.

The importance of gutters and downspouts with a flat roofing system cannot be stressed enough. The gutters, which also have a gentle slope to allow for drainage, take the rain water off the roof and away from the house via downspouts. They must be kept free and clear of any leaves and debris, so water can flow freely through them. If the gutters are clogged, the water may start to pond on the roof. Ponding water is heavy and puts a lot of stress on the roof and membrane.

When a flat roof is repaired or replaced, it is imperative that it is done properly by an experienced roofer. If it is not, the interior of the home will be subject to extensive water damage and eventual rotting of the wood-supporting structures.

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