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Gutters are an essential component of all roofing systems. Their function is to keep water flowing off the roof and away from the house. If trees hang over the house or you live in an area that is surrounded by large, mature trees, the gutters will need periodic cleaning, even if they are fitted with guards.

For a gutter to drain properly, it should slope at least a quarter of an inch for every 10 feet of length. While the pitch can be steeper to increase the capacity of the gutter, it may look awkward over the life of the system. To check the slope of the pitch, take a bucket of water, dump it in the gutter and watch how it flows. If it appears to be still or not moving adequately, contact experienced Orange County NY roofing professionals.

One way to prevent clogs and ensure the water passing through the gutters runs smoothly is to fit them with large downspouts. These bigger downspouts also allow for more water runoff without the gutters overflowing. Be sure to ask your trusted roofer what size downspouts they use when installing a new roof system.

Debris will find its way into your gutters, and they will need to be cleaned at least once or twice per year. The job is best left to professionals but can be done by homeowners if the home is only one story.

Use a standoff before you start cleaning the gutters. It allows for a ladder to rest on the gutters without causing any scratches and dents, and it also provides stability for the ladder.

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Since falls are more likely if you work from the roof, stay on the ladder. Wear protective gloves and use a gutter scoop to clear debris and leaves away. By starting at the downspout, you will give any standing water a way out.

Working your way around the house, check the elbows. If they are not draining, use a hose with a forceful spray to clear out the clog. If this method is not successful, take them apart by drilling out the rivets and cleaning them. Carefully reassemble the pieces with stainless steel screws for sheet metal.

As part of routine gutter maintenance, check the brackets and hangers. If any are loose, tighten them. If water is accumulating in low spots, relocate or replace the hardware.

Small leaks in the gutters and around the seams, noticeable in rainstorms, can be repaired during dry weather. Holes can be sealed with butyl-based gutter caulk, available at hardware stores. Start by scraping away existing caulk, clean the surface and apply the sealant. Watch during the next storm to ensure the hole has been fixed properly.

To keep water in the gutter system away from the foundation of the house, a decorative boot should be fitted to the end of the downspout. It will be aesthetically pleasing and provide an exit point for the water to flow away from landscaping and the dwelling.

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