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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About How Much Are Solar Shingles?

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DOW powerhouse solar shingles are an innovative way for homeowners to have aesthetically pleasing solar panels and shingles. They act as shingles while generating electricity. Many homeowners are hesitant to get solar shingles because of worries about the cost. It helps to talk to an Orange County NY roofing company before making a decision. Here are a few things to consider when estimating price for solar shingles.

Many homeowners are installing solar shingles or photovoltaic shingles to help lower their electric bills. Photovoltaic shingles give homeowners an alternative because they look similar to asphalt shingles. They also decrease homeowners' carbon footprint.

This roofing system functions similar to solar panels. It lays flush to the roof and protects the house from different elements. The wires run below the shingles into the house's electric panel or into batteries. This helps offset some of the power that the home uses.

Roofing is usually price per watt or per square foot. However, it is difficult to price solar shingles in the same manner. Solar shingles use a solar power generation system and a roofing system. They are replacing both standard shingles and solar panels.

Pricing for solar shingles are based on orientation of the array, energy saving goals and the size of the roof. Location can also affect price. Many contractors adjust their price to cover materials for completing the project and to cover their team of workers.

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This price usually includes a custom design, a solar inverter, an online monitoring system and an installed array.

Homeowners who want this type of roofing should do some research before deciding against getting them. There are federal and incentive programs available to help with lowering the cost. The federal tax credit of 30 percent is available to homeowners who want to make their house energy efficient.

Utility companies offer incentives that could reduce the overall cost by up to 60 percent. The amount a homeowner can save using these incentives depends on several factors. These factors include location, orientation and size of the house, personal budget and energy goals.

An advantage of installing photovoltaic shingles is that homeowners can see their savings every month on their utility bill. Solar homeowners can set up a net metering account with their utility company. This account measures the amount of electricity that a house produces against what is bought from the utility company. It is used to determine the excess electricity that is credited to the homeowner's utility bill.

Homeowners should consider their overall savings when installing solar shingles. A roofing contractor can help with determining the specific cost for a house.

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