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The formation of an ice dam on the roof of your house can cause extensive and costly damage to the roof, ceilings, floors and wall of your home. They are usually identifiable by large icicles hanging from the gutters as well as significant ice build-up on the roof. If you suspect you have an ice dam, trust Orange County NY roofing experts to fix the problem and provide a solution to stop them from forming in the future.

Ice dams form when the warm air in the attic causes the snow on the roof of the house to start melting. As the water runs down the roof, it meets the colder edge of the roof and freezes. The ice that forms as a result of this process impedes the flow of water from the melting snow. If this situation continues, the ice works it way back up the roof, where it gets under shingles, melts and leaks into the house. The water in the attic will damage the insulation, which then loses its ability to perform. If the right conditions exist and it is left long enough, the wet insulation can lead to mold and mildew formation. The water will also finds its way into the home either through the walls or ceiling. The damage to the roof, gutters, structure and interior of the home caused by an ice dam can be very expensive to remedy.

Preventing ice dams from forming is important. One way to do this is by reducing excess levels of moisture and warm air escaping from the home into the attic.

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Ensure that kitchen and bathrooms are properly vented to the outside of the home. Chimneys, recessed lighting, attic access points and plumbing vent pipes all allow warm air to leak into the attic. They should be properly sealed by an experienced and professional roofer who can identify leaks and eliminate them.

The best time to prevent ice dam formation is before the winter. Prior to the first flurries of snow, make sure the gutters are free of leaves and debris that can clog them and stop the flow of melting snow. Have a trusted roofer check the amount of insulation on the attic floor, especially if you live in an older home. Insulation stops warm air flowing from the house to the attic.

Another way to prevent ice dam formation is by removing snow from your roof with a roof rake after a heavy snowfall. Carefully pull snow off from the roof in the direction of the slope. This should only be done from the ground.

If you notice the formation of an ice dam, never use a hammer, axe, hatchet, chisel or propane torch to try to get rid of the ice. Sharp tools may damage shingles, and heat on the roof can start a fire. Never throw salt on a roof as it is not an effective treatment and could damage landscaping planted around the house. Contact a professional roofer who can treat the roof with high-pressure steam.

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