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The gutters around your home have a very important function. They carry melting snow and rainwater off your roof and away from your home via downspouts. If they become clogged with leaves, silt and debris, they can back up and cause water to get between the house and gutters. When this occurs, the water can get behind the siding of the house and cause extensive damage, or it can work its way into your home and damage ceilings, walls and floors. If you think your gutters are backing up or not functioning properly, contact trusted and experienced Orange County NY roofing experts.

You should perform checks on your gutters every season, especially if your home is surrounded by large, mature trees or located in an area where there is a lot of blowing dirt, such as close to construction or open fields. It is easy for them to become clogged with leaves; when this happens, they cannot effectively do their job. An easy way to check on their performance is to watch how water flows when it is raining. If it is pouring from your roof over the sides of the gutters, it is an indication there is a problem. If your home is a bungalow, it is fairly easy to check them.

It is best to use a standoff for your ladder; they stabilize the ladder while it's resting on the roof and help prevent denting and scratching of the gutters. Check the weather forecast to ensure there is no rain, thunder or lightening on the radar. Using the proper equipment will prevent injuries, so make sure you have thick, waterproof gloves and a gutter scoop to remove silt, leaves and debris.

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Start clearing the gutters from the downspouts, working your way around the roof. Starting at the downspouts gives trapped water a route away from the roof. The elbows must be checked to make sure water is flowing freely through them. It may be necessary to use a hose to clear out any lingering debris; if they still aren't clear, you will need to take them apart to clean out. Reassemble them with short sheet metal, stainless steel screws. Once all the parts have been cleared of debris, use a hose and give them a good rinse out, checking to make sure the water is flowing through the gutter system without any leaks.

After the gutters have been cleared, it is important to check the hangers and brackets that support them and hold them in place. Any loose screws need to be fastened; any missing screws need to be replaced. Leaks that you may have noticed when flushing the gutters need to be fixed to keep the water run-off in the gutters. Small leaks are easily repaired using caulk that is butyl-based specifically for use with gutters. Start by scraping away any aging caulk, clean the surface and apply the new caulk.

There are barriers available designed to stop leaves from accumulating in the gutters of your house. While they don't entirely eliminate the need to clean them, they to help reduce the number of times they will need to be cleaned. Ask your roofing professional about installation.

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