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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Picking Between Metal and Composite Roofs

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One of the hardest roofing decisions you will make concerns the type of roof you'll choose to go with. Two of the most popular styles, metal roofing and composite roofing, each have their own benefits and disadvantages. If you're stuck on which option to go with, think about your building's energy usage, the lifetime cost of the roof and the aesthetic feel you're trying to achieve with the building.

Your building's energy usage should be at the top of the list, especially if its your home. In warmer climates, metal roofs are great for reflecting solar energy, helping to cut some money off of cooling costs; however, fiberglass shingles typically do a better job at insulating homes during the winter. If you live in colder climates, though, you shouldn't write off metal roofing entirely. For example, Orange County NY Roofing sometimes incorporates metal roofs because during snowy winters, snow will more easily fall off the side, helping to preserve the structural integrity. It's important to keep in mind that if you do choose to go with a metal roof in a cold climate, you may need to invest more in sub-roof insulation.

Cost considerations should also be given some thought.

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Part of the popularity of composite roofs stems from their low cost of installation. Metal roofs tend to be much more labor intensive. However, composite shingles wear down much quicker than metal roofs, with quality metal roofs lasting 40 years or more, whereas composite roofs sometimes barely last a decade before re-shingling becomes necessary.

Maintenance costs also contribute to overall price. Metal roofs are more expensive to fix but don't need to be cleaned as often. Both types of roofs may experience algae growth although the growth happens faster with composite roofs. Due to the grainy texture of most composite roofs, the algae and moss doesn't stand out as much as it does with metal roofs.

Additionally, working on metal roofs is a little more logistically challenging than with composite roofs. Installing new roof panels to replace damaged ones usually requires a professional service; with shingles, homeowners can usually replace a few without any extensive training.

The final factor you'll need to consider is aesthetic feel. While there is a variety of different colors for composite roofs, most of the colors are derivatives of browns, blacks and grays. Metal roofs, on the other hand, come in virtually any color you can think of. This may make metal roofing a better option for commercial buildings because you can match your branding to your building.

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