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If you're tackling a new roof installation by yourself, picking the right equipment will help in installing the roof more efficiently and timely without having to rely on an Orange County NY roofing professional. To get the right start on your new roofing installation, get an air compressor first.

There are a few terms that can be confusing to understand when buying a compressor. The most important points to consider are tank size, the PSI and the CFM. The tank size is the easiest to understand for most people; the bigger a tank is, the more power it can put out. You will be surprised how much power a pancake compressor can put out in comparison to a stationary model. These portable tanks are usually between 1 and 8 gallons. For most regular nailers, this is usually enough. Roofing tools will require a tank that is on the larger side; a compressor with 6 gallons is usually sufficient.

The term PSI stands for the amount of pounds per square inch. A higher PSI gives your tool more torque, or force. The CFM requirement is how much power the compressor can put out over a period of time. Putting nails through multiple asphalt shingles is not as easy as it looks; usually, anywhere from 2 to 3 CFM will be enough to run a roofing nailer. It is extremely crucial to pick the right air hose when getting a new compressor. A compressor with a high CFM will need a larger hose to help it distribute power evenly.

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When you are planning to run several tools on one air compressor, make sure you have enough CFM power for each too, and ensure that your compressor has a larger tank. If the tank is large enough, it should be able to hold enough air to release to both tools.

When shopping for your tools, make sure that your tank meets the requirements. For example, a roofing nailer might have a CFM requirement of 1 CFM at 90 PSI. Your tank should meet or exceed this requirement to have success.

A common mistake that some folks make is that they buy a compressor with a large tank but a lower CFM. This just means the tank can hold more air at one time, but it will put out less power over this period of time to release the air. This might be fine as long as the tank meets the roofing nailer requirements, but you should talk with a professional to get the right requirements for a certain tool.

If the compressor is not powerful enough to install your roof, it will come to your attention almost instantly. In most situations, you won't have enough power to drive each nail into your roof, or the compressor will be continually running. If the tank is too small, it will continue to build up air for you to release.

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