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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Post-storm Roof Repairs

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When you experience a small storm, the absence of significant leaks or severe wind and rain may leave you with the impression that your roofing system is intact. During a significant weather event, however, the potential for roof damage is often at the forefront of a homeowner's mind. It's important to do a visual inspection after a storm of any size to be sure that your home's protection against the weather and the elements hasn't been compromised. You may need to contact Orange County NY roofing professionals if serious damage is apparent.

A quick visual inspection of your structure may be sufficient, especially following minor storms. Look for loose shingles, fascia or roofing accessories to be sure that nothing has moved out of place. If a storm has blown leaves and debris onto your roof, take time to clear gutters to limit the potential for blockages and related water damage in the future. Similarly, check for evidence of an ice dam after a winter storm to ensure that water doesn't back up and damage other areas.

After a windstorm, it's important to check for loose roofing materials around your house. Fascia may need to be nailed or screwed back into place. Loose shingles may also require work. In a severe windstorm, large portions of roofing materials, including underlayment, can come loose, making it important to consider professional repairs so that the weatherproof nature of the system isn't compromised.

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A rainstorm may not necessarily result in damage to your roof. However, it can provide an unexpected awareness of serious damage by allowing water to leak. While a small drip might not seem serious, you need to remember that the drip may not be directly below the area that is leaking. Water may find a path to travel as it seeps into your attic insulation, and the leak may be more serious than the little drips seem to indicate. Of course, a steady or heavy dripping may need urgent attention before the storm is over. Wet spots appearing on the ceiling or walls should also be investigated quickly. You may not be able to do the needed repairs right away, but pinpointing the source of the leak while the storm is active may prove helpful when your roofing professional arrives.

Snowstorms can result in damage because of weight. A compromise in your roofing may not be evident until a significant accumulation of snow causes a collapse. It is important to consult with your contractor for direction on dealing with the issue temporarily if the storm is still in progress.

In many cases, a tarp can be used to protect your home until the weather clears enough for repairs to be completed. However, roofing damage can be extremely inconvenient. It is wise to consider the value in annual roofing maintenance to ensure that minor damage to your system is pinpointed before bad weather has the opportunity to cause the problem to worsen.

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