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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Preventing Winter Roof Damage

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You might think that heat retention is a good thing during cold weather. However, too much heat can create serious problems with your roofing system, especially during a winter that is noted for excessive snow. One of the most important steps you can take in preparing for icy conditions is to have a fall inspection of your roofing system so that your Orange County NY roofing contractor can identify potential problems and make recommendations.

The picturesque quality of icicles hanging from the eaves may be appealing, but related repairs could be costly in the spring. Ice dams can form when your roofing temperatures are inconsistent, making it possible for you to experience water damage and other structural problems as a result. Some issues that can lead to ice dams include poor attic ventilation and insufficient insulation.

When the central portion of your roof is warmer than the eaves, snow can melt in those central areas. As the liquid moves toward the eaves, it refreezes as it comes into contact with colder materials. Water can back up behind these areas, moving under shingles and into cracks. Prolonged exposure to water can also cause the deterioration of shingles. As water infiltrates lower layers of the roofing system, it has the potential to cause leaks inside your structure, creating decorative, structural and health problems.

Limiting the potential for inconsistent roofing temperatures begins with good ventilation through your attic. During your fall inspection, your roofing professional can evaluate your ventilation system to determine whether any changes need to be made. He or she may inspect soffits and vents to ensure that blockages aren't a problem.

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If you have experienced past problems with ice dams, he or she may provide tips for updating your ventilation so that the attic temperatures can be kept more consistent. You may want to consider replacing non-vented soffits with vented soffits to increase airflow through the area. Your contractor can calculate the ideal ratio to ensure that your home achieves optimum results.

Insufficient attic insulation should be supplemented to improve control of attic temperatures as well. While maintaining a warm environment in your living space is a priority, insufficient insulation can allow this heating energy to move into your attic, leading to excessive heating of the roof. In addition to dealing with higher bills because of the energy loss, you may be faced with roofing problems and costs because of related damage. Proper air sealing and insulation in your home can lower your energy bills by up to one-tenth, and these steps can also improve the winter performance of your roofing system.

If you are dealing with ice dams during the winter months, a repair may be difficult until the season changes. You may find that a roof rake is helpful for removing snow from your roof. Don't use a regular rake as a roof rake is specially designed to avoid damaging your home. You can also use a fan in the attic to blow cold air toward the roof from underneath to drop the temperatures of your roofing system and freeze any melted water.

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