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If you're relatively new to home ownership, you may still be working out the kinks of home maintenance. While the inside of your house certainly deserves your attention, don't neglect the outside. At least once a year, either in the spring once the snow thaws or in the fall before winter hits, take a detailed look at your roof to ensure there is nothing amiss. Catching a problem now can avoid big bills later. Your local Orange County NY roofing company can perform inspections to find any problem areas for you, but you can easily fill in the gaps by being aware of what's going on with your roof on a regular basis. This doesn't mean you have to risk life and limb getting up there. Get a good pair of binoculars to examine all aspects of your roof instead.

If you spot corroded or damaged flashing, have it replaced right away. If you don't, you could experience leaks or annoying noises. Don't just add more tar, which can hasten the corrosion by letting water get in between the metal and tar. If you are noticing water spots on your ceilings, moisture in your attic and missing shingles on your roof, you likely have leaks that need to be addressed. There are many reasons why you're getting leaks, typically due to improperly fastened flashing, inadequate single-ply membrane roofs with unstable seams and insufficient head and backwater laps that lead to the trapping of water. Waterproof membranes that fail to do their job could be the culprit of your leaks as they are no longer able to deflect rain and snow.

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Perhaps all of the materials on your roof are fine, but the installation may have been deficient or sub par. Either way, this needs to be addressed pronto.

Perhaps your roof looks like a puzzle with a missing piece or two. Open seams at the time of installation can lead to shingles or other materials blowing off when a stiff wind hits. Seams that haven't been cured or installed properly can suffer from a decrease in wind uplift resistance, which can wreak havoc on the membrane. It can be hard to tell if your roof was installed correctly or not, but a local roofing professional with a trained eye in these matters can certainly detect shoddy workmanship. The life span of your roof drastically decreases when materials are installed improperly in regards to waterproofing, flashing, priming, drying and adhesion of roofing materials.

Avoiding neglect of your roof, your home's most precious asset aside from the foundation, is a must. You can't expect your roof to enjoy a long life when you haven't kept up with even the most basic of maintenance tasks. It may just take small repairs over the years to patch up leaks, get rid of ponding water, fill in pitch pockets and readjust shingles and flashing. This effort will pay off later when your roof does its job and protects your family.

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