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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Roofing Energy Absorption

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There are several factors that can impact your home's energy performance, and the roofing system is on the front lines as the elements affect your structure. The exterior plays a part in absorbing or reflecting the energy of the sun, making it important to keep the roof well-maintained. You can also use interior improvements to complement the performance of your roof as you battle heat gain and energy loss.

The type of material used to cover your roof plays a huge part in determining how your home will handle both hot and cold weather. Dark colors tend to absorb the sun's energy, resulting in heat gain that can increase your cooling load in the summer months. Shiny materials can also become hot, leading to increased heat in a structure. The key to keeping energy absorption minimized is to work with colors that are more reflective in nature. Lighter pigments, for example, provide better choices for areas in which harsh conditions can lead to excessive heating of the roof during the summer months. Orange County NY roofing professionals can recommend ideal tiles or shingles for local climate conditions. If you are considering the installation of a metal roof, a cool pigment can enhance your home's energy efficiency levels as well.

Traditional roofing materials may reflect a minimum amount of the solar energy that reaches the surface. A roof that absorbs between 85 and 95 percent of solar energy will significantly affect the interior conditions of a home. Cool materials on the market can reflect up to 65 percent of solar energy, reducing the absorption and heat gain of the structure dramatically.

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Roof design can also play a role in the absorption of heat as a section facing south tends to gain more heat than a north-facing portion of the roof.

It's possible to supplement the reflective nature of your roofing system by updating the insulation in your attic. A roofing contractor can provide an evaluation of existing R-values, assisting as you consider the materials needed to increase your home's energy efficiency. Some homeowners also consider the possibility of installing a radiant barrier in the home to reflect even more of the heat gained from the sun.

Your home's energy performance is affected throughout the year as a reflective roof can also improve your structure's heating load during the winter. As solar energy is reflected, heat loss from the inside of a home is also reduced. Radiant barriers in an attic and increased insulation levels can also contribute to better retention of heating energy in the winter months.

In deciding on improvements for optimizing home energy usage levels, the roof may be the last area to be considered. However, the potential energy savings by installing a cool roofing system can be as much as 15 percent of cooling costs. In comparison, air sealing and supplementing attic insulation can trim up to 10 percent from the energy used for household cooling. A combined effort can make a huge dent in your home's comfort costs.

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