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Regular maintenance for your roofing system may be a novel concept. However, it is important to realize that damage to some parts of the system can be difficult to notice until a problem is so serious that an expensive repair is required. By including such inspections in your home's upkeep, you may be able to avoid the need for big repair and renovation projects.

Visual evaluation is a first step when an Orange County NY roofing company inspects your system. An inspector will look for signs of aging in shingles or other materials. Curling and cracking are some of the most common signs, and your own observation of such conditions may precede your decision to call a roofing company for assistance. Excessive granules from asphalt shingles in the gutter can also indicate wear. However, early aging signs may be more difficult to notice because of the size of your roof. Your roofing contractor will examine both from a distance and from the actual roof to identify such issues.

Additional deterioration of materials included in your roofing system will be noted as well. Blistering of asphalt shingles, for example, may serve as a clue to problems with the actual product. It may also indicate problems with ventilation. Missing materials will be noted as well so that prompt replacement can be made.

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Rusting of metal system components can be addressed through removal of rust with wire brushes and treatment of the affected areas with primer and paint. Dried caulking may need to be removed and replaced as well.

Your roofer will look for signs of water damage both above and below. The development of mold or algae may indicate that water has collected due to structural problems or failure of sealants and weatherproofing layers. Inside your home, your roofer can evaluate the ceiling for evidence of leaks to confirm concerns about water seeping through barriers.

After a thorough inspection, a roofing professional can provide an overview of current conditions along with recommendations for any areas needing urgent attention. Additionally, it's possible to evaluate issues like the remaining life of the existing materials, important for helping you to plan for future updates. It's beneficial to schedule maintenance visits during times of mild weather so that an accurate assessment of a roofing system can be made.

In addition to heading off trouble with unseen issues that could make your home vulnerable to damage, regular roofing maintenance may be important as a requirement for home warranty service. In some instances, home warranty disclaimers make regular maintenance a requirement for coverage to be provided on roofing repairs. It's important to keep in mind that maintenance is a preventive measure to limit your risk of big problems by attending to small problems as they occur. Roofing repairs should be scheduled quickly for severe damage in winds, snowstorms, rain or any significant combinations of these factors.

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