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Orange County NY Roofing: Article About Selecting A Roofer

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When you select the right contractor to repair or replace your roof, the job will progress smoothly from the first phone call and the initial consultation to the last clean up. When looking for an Orange County NY Roofing company, you may not be sure how to go about picking the right one for the job. Knowing what to look for when you are searching for a roofing contractor is very important and can make a difference in having the job done right the first time.

During your initial consultation with the contractor, ask for a few references from recent clients. Take the initiative, visit the job sites and speak with the homeowners. See how the roofs look, speak with the customers and ask how satisfied they were with the job. References like this are very important as they speak to the quality of recent work.

Make sure the employees of the roofing company are covered by workers' compensation. It provides assurance that in the case of an emergency, the roofers be compensated for medical bills and lost income if they are unable to return to work. It will protect you from any potential exposure should someone be injured while on the job site. Always ask the contractor for proof of coverage and ensure that it is force for the duration of the job.

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A reputable roofing contractor will carry adequate third party liability insurance. This will protect your physical property and that of any neighbors should any damage happen when the job is being completed. Ask for a copy of the policy and check to make sure it is in force for the period of time your job is being done.

Ensure the roofing company has a state license. The license number will be on the side of any work truck or van; however, your contact person should be able to show you a valid copy of their state license. This demonstrates that they are honest, reputable and also have financial stability.

The company should have a physical business address, which you should verify. It shows that they are a stable business with established roots in the community. Also ask how long they have been in business; a long-time, well-known contractor is always a good choice, and the length of time in business is a good indicator of their ability.

Always ask for a detailed quotation in writing. Quality contractors will be happy to provide you with a complete breakdown of the work the roofing job entails. It also protects you by including everything you are being quoted on. Any promises or guarantees that are made need to be in writing and indicate exactly what the contractor is responsible for. Never settle for vague proposals or estimates scribbled on a piece of paper.

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