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We have spent many years becoming one of the premier roofing specialists in New York state and our corporate culture is heavily focused on providing better building envelope services. As we tackle big jobs at commercial and public properties throughout the region, we also participate in numerous professional training programs that help us improve our output.

Ongoing professional improvement is important to us because keeping our workers up-to-date on the latest industry methodologies allows them to perform superior work for our customers. Unlike roofers whose skills limit them to a single type of roofing system, we've spent decades learning the ins and outs of everything from single-ply flat installations and traditional pitched shingles to modern, environmentally friendly metal alternatives. We even offer less common specialty materials, such as solar roof shingles and energy-saving substrates.

Although we primarily install complete roofing systems, we're also proud to offer an array of troubleshooting services. We routinely use our knowledge of different types of roofs to correct outstanding problems and prevent future recurrences, and we're always available for rapid consultations during emergencies.

Our unique approach to roofing and professional skill acquisition also helps us plan budget-friendly projects. We're familiar with numerous material options and construction method possibilities that increase a roof's ability to resist weather or storms without blowing your project budget out of proportion. Even when we're performing post-disaster repairs and replacements, we're still able to adopt a calculated approach that keeps your financial options open.

One major benefit of our past training and current industry memberships is that we can provide superior consumer protection. As GAF-certified roofing contractors and Firestone QAI award winners, we're happy to offer GAF Golden Pledge warranties. Regardless of whether we're working on a home, office, hospital, retail store or municipal building, we combine prior experience with guaranteed labor, materials and workmanship to create the best roof system we can.

Because our corporate culture is so strong, every member of our team knows that the work they do protects properties, livelihoods and the well-being of families alike. This knowledge drives us to constantly do our best and investigate alternative solutions in a proactive manner.

We've been improving the structural integrity of residences and commercial facilities in the region since 1989, and we've gained a number of unique skills in the interim. Our familiarity with comprehensive roofing installations enables us to perform more reliable build-outs and minimize lead times.

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