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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Advantages Of A Metal Roof

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Metal remains a popular roofing material and Rockland County roofing regularly maintains, repairs and installs galvanized steel and other types of metal roofs on homes and commercial buildings throughout the area. The most obvious benefit to a metal roof is the long-term cost. A typical metal roof is longer-lasting than a shingled roof and requires less preventive maintenance. In fact, the life expectancy on a metal roof is about 50 years, which is a conservative estimate and far beyond what other roof types are able to offer.

One of the knocks against such roofing is the drab aesthetics, but that really isn't the case any longer. The metal tiles commonly used to install a roof on homes these days are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some homeowners even choose metal because of the way it allows them to distinguish their home from other houses in the neighborhood.

Metal roofing can also provide a number of practical benefits. For one, it's highly fire-resistant compared to other roof options (the roof being compromised is the likeliest reason a building burns to the ground). Interlocking panels also allow metal roofs to demonstrate impressive wind resistance, and this type of roof rarely requires the minor repairs after a big storm that shingled roofs do.

Modern metal roofs are also highly energy efficient, and with the proper ceramic coating, they can actually absorb and retain heat at a lesser rate than shingles.

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In other words, a well-conditioned metal roof allows a home to remain cooler naturally and thus cheaper to cool via air conditioning. Keep in mind that this reflective quality doesn't diminish the roof's ability to hold heat in during the winter.

Roofs made with metal are also much more environmentally friendly than roofs made with other materials. One reason for this is that a metal roof can be installed and repaired using 100 percent recycled material, which helps keep costs down too. When the roof is eventually replaced, all of the removed material can be sold and recycled as well. That's why many roofers provide re-roofing and repair discounts based on the amount of recyclable material that they're able to claim during the process.

Many people tend to think of metal as an old-fashioned roofing option when it comes to residential purposes. In truth, however, metal roofs are coming back into style in a big way. Many area companies are offering aggressive pricing and warranties that last 50 years and even longer. Furthermore, many insurances companies are providing discounts to homeowners who have metal roofs installed, and it's even possible to cash in on tax incentives and energy rebates from federal, state and local governments as well as private sources.

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