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Homeowners planning on having a roof replacement performed should learn about their flashing options. A new installation or a total replacement will involve stripping the existing rooftop down to make room for a new one. The deck will usually be left alone, but it is not uncommon for some homeowners to invest in a complete roof renovation project. Regardless of what type of work is being done, the roof's flashings will always need to be installed to protect the entire surface from harmful moisture. Rockland County roofing specialists can provide homeowners with a unique variety of flashings, made from different materials and metals. One of the most commonly chosen options is aluminum. Learning more about this metal can help many homeowners figure out whether or not they want to choose it for their primary flashing installation.

Aluminum is often a good choice because it is durable and versatile. It is commonly chosen for use around vents, chimneys and other strategic points around the rooftop. Aluminum is also a diverse option. Individuals may choose from any variety of thicknesses to add critical durability and functionality to their rooftops, depending on their region and how much protection they may need. Homeowners will also be able to increase the life of the roof's flashing, simply by painting and anodizing it.

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Like any other flashing system, aluminum should be installed with fasteners of the same alloy to avoid chemical problems.

When compared to copper roofing, aluminum's first advantage is that it is a much more economical product. It is easy to fabricate, and it does not take long to install. The aluminum can easily be turned into any shape that is required onsite. While it is soft in nature, it can be strengthened with the appropriate techniques, resulting in very durable and reliable flashing. Thick aluminum, in particular, can be a good option for rooftops because it does not decay in salty or corrosive environments. This makes it ideal for homes near the sea and in the city. While aluminum is a naturally advantageous choice, it has inherent problems as well. If it is not treated or painted, it may end up wearing away, especially if it is a cheaper grade. Homeowners will need to stay on top of their maintenance duties when it comes to this material. Because it is so naturally soft, it may experience structural problems without a vital layer of protection. Individuals will need to watch out for cracks and leaks during regular inspections.

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