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When an attic becomes too humid, the condensation that results could cause serious damage to the underlying structure. If the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible, homeowners may find themselves having to replace the wood sheathing and even the shingles due to damage. Not only can this be extremely expensive, but the condensation caused by high attic humidity could also mean that homeowners are replacing their roofs much sooner than they should be. A Rockland County roofing contractor may be able to help by determining how the problem is occurring and what can be done to fix it.

Water damage is not the only damage that can be caused by high humidity in the attic. In some cases, a homeowner may experience mold growth, which can create serious health problems for the occupants.

In some cases, the attic humidity may be caused by the insulation or ventilation in the attic. If warm air cannot escape, it can collect and form droplets that sink into the woodwork or framing. If enough condensation collects over time, the moisture could make the wooden roof components rot.

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The solution for this is to have a professional check the ventilation and the insulation to ensure that the attic is properly protected while allowing air to move in and out freely.

Attic humidity can also be caused by roof leaks. Roof leaks can occur when water gets under the shingles and through the underlying materials. Any moisture that does not soak into the wooden materials may hang around in the air, causing the materials to become damp and weak. In order to fix a roof leak, homeowners or contractors can look for the signs, which may include staining, cracks and peeling paints. Once the source of the leak is found, the area can be patched up or replaced depending on the condition of the materials.

Another cause may actually be the attic access. If the home below the attic has a high humidity level, some of that moisture can leak into the attic space if the access is not sealed properly. Should this be the case, the home's insulation may need to be updated.

Ultimately, proper ventilation and insulation is the key to having a dry attic. Because it can be difficult to determine where attic moisture is coming from, it is always recommended that homeowners contact a professional contractor to ensure that the problem is fixed. This way, homeowners can fully protect those living in the home.

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