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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Solar Shingles

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Solar shingles are a relatively new roofing product. They are slightly larger than traditional roofing shingles and contain photosensitive panels that are capable of harvesting the sun's energy.

Just like traditional solar panels, solar shingles are designed to lower energy costs by turning the sun's rays into usable electricity, which can greatly reduce a home's carbon footprint. Sunlight is a clean, renewable and environmentally friendly way to generate power. Most solar shingle roofing systems are custom designed and scaled to meet the homeowner's energy saving needs and budget. A Rockland County roofing professional can offer homeowners information on the advantages of solar shingles.

Solar power roofing systems generally consist of solar shingles, wiring and a solar inverter. The shingles harness the sun's power. The wires carry the power to a solar inverter, and the solar inverter turns the power into usable electricity that can help power appliances and electronics. Some systems may also offer power monitoring.

The solar shingles are fully integrated into the home's roof. They do not jut out or sit atop the home's roofing system. When the systems are created, the home's roof pitch and daily sunlight are taken into consideration in order to maximize the home's power generating capabilities. The solar shingles are installed on the roof's flat surfaces.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding asphalt roofing or PVC roofing.

Asphalt shingles are typically used to fill out the roof and cover the ridges and valleys.

The systems are custom designed to meet the homeowner's power generating needs. The larger the system, the more power the system will generate, and the lower the electric bills. During certain months, the homeowner may even generate more power than they need. Depending on the electrical system in the homeowner's area, the electric company may be able to purchase the excess power. This would result in the homeowner receiving checks from their electric company.

Solar shingles are just as durable as traditional shingles. They undergo the same tests as traditional roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, tile, slate and metal. Solar shingles can be rated for winds up to 150 mph. They are tested for structural stability and durability during hailstorms, and they are tested in torrential downpours and snow.

Homeowners can typically expect to recoup most of their installation costs within the first 10 years. Additionally, there may be federal, state and local tax rebates available for energy efficient home improvements. Installing solar shingles also increases the home's value. Some homeowner's have been known to recoup as much as 70 percent of the installation costs when they sell their homes.

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