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When experiencing roof troubles, deciding between repair and a new roof is typically the most crucial and difficult choice a homeowner faces. On one hand, an unnecessary installation is a significant waste of money; on the other, an ongoing cycle of patching a roof that has fundamental problems will make the eventual need for a new roof just that much more expensive.

Ideally, you should inspect and provide basic maintenance for your roof regularly. Inspect the roof up close once in the spring and then again in the fall. Routinely clean gutters and clear downspouts, and clear away any accumulation of debris on the roof itself.

Throughout the year, obvious signs of a failing roof may demand immediate attention from professional Rockland County roofing. For instance, if you experience leakage or moisture in your attic whenever there's wind-driven rain or an ice buildup, that's a warning sign of a serious problem. Other signs include mildew and mold; stains on interior walls and ceilings; blistering and peeling on interior walls and ceilings; missing shingles or those that are curled or cracked; and any exterior decay of siding or sheathing.

During routine inspections, the signs will be less obvious. Watch out for flashing damage and insufficient coverage. Look under overhangs for possible water damage. Search for signs of interior dripping in areas where ice tends to build up. If ice buildup is severe, examine the roof ventilation.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding PVC roofing or asphalt roofing.

Examine all shingles and sheeting for sagging, split seams, popped nails, rusted nails and dark patches.

Once you've identified all the problems with your roof, then you can determine whether it's best to repair or replace. Keep in mind that there will be costs and other consequences either way. If the cost of repairs is in the ballpark of a replacement, then the decision is simple, but usually the choice isn't so clearly defined.

First, answer the following questions: What type of roof do you have on your home? What is the average life expectancy of that roof type? When was your roof installed? Are you covered by a warranty? Are you covered by insurance and to what extent?

The answers to these questions will put your roof problems into context, particularly when considering anything beyond a minor repair. If, for example, you have 20-year shingles on your home, then 15 years is a reasonable guideline. If the roof was installed 10 years ago and you're already facing hundreds of dollars in repairs or more, then your best course of action may be to cut your losses and install a new roof. If the roof was installed only five years ago, however, then you might consider a partial re-roofing instead. Repair is an option too, but re-roofing is usually a better way to avoid a cycle of re-patching.

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