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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Commercial Versus Residential Roofing

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A huge difference exists between commercial and residential roofing. When looking for commercial Rockland County roofing, it is important to choose a contractor who is up to the task of commercial roof installation. There are several important differences between residential and commercial roofs, and a contractor who specializes in residential roofing may not be up to the task of installing a commercial roof properly.

While residential roofs are sloped, commercial roofs often have a very small slope or are completely flat. Commercial roofs also tend to be larger than residential roofs, creating more surface area. This means that commercial roofs must be able to support more weight from snow and rain, which won't simply slide off a flat roof.

Weather isn't the only thing that adds weight to a roof. Commercial structures often have large air conditioning units, piping, ventilation stacks and other heavy objects that residential roofs do not. These items not only add weight to the roof but create stress during high winds. Commercial roofs must also be safe for foot traffic as maintenance and repair personnel must access to the roof to service the equipment found there.

While the equipment on the roof may be reparable, the roof itself may not be.

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Flat roofs are often very difficult and sometimes impossible to repair, so any problem with the roof may necessitate a complete replacement or recoat. The quality of the material and the workmanship involved in installing a commercial roof are of utmost importance. A roofing problem is more likely to appear if sub par roofing materials are used or if the roofing materials are poorly installed. Because of this, finding an experienced roofer qualified to install a commercial roof is a must.

While experience is important, local experience is even better. The building code requirements for commercial roofing structures vary from one state to another and can vary from one municipality to another. A local commercial roofing contractor is more likely to be aware of and experienced with the local code requirements than someone from out of town. Commercial roofing codes differ from residential roofing codes as well, so find a roofer with commercial experience.

Because of their complexity and size, commercial roofs take longer to install than residential roofs. While most residential roofs can be installed in one to two days, a commercial roof can take more than a month to complete. Find a roofer with a reputation for timeliness and dependability to ensure that the contractor will get the work done in a timely fashion. A one month installation can easily stretch to three months or more with an unreliable installer.

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