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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Common Roofing Inspection Problems

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Roof inspections are a source of anxiety for many homeowners, often because they do not know what to expect. Roofing problems tend to get progressively worse over time, so putting off an inspection can lead to higher costs down the road. Fortunately, most of the problems that warrant roofing inspections are fairly common, which makes it possible for homeowners to estimate the expense and extent of the necessary repairs. Working with a Rockland County roofing professional can help take the guesswork out of roof maintenance.

The first sign that leads many homeowners to request a roofing inspection is a leak, or several. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until a problem develops, and that problem is most often a leak caused by another issue that was not addressed. While some roof leaks can easily be patched, others require more extensive repairs.

Storm damage is another common problem that is uncovered during routine inspections, or because the homeowner has noticed a problem caused by the damage. In extreme cases, high winds may cause part of the roof to blow off a house. In other cases, a severe storm may displace a few loose shingles that require repair. Fallen tree branches can also cause damage that requires an emergency inspection to assess. Large hail may pose a threat to older roofs that have not had hail resistant treatments. In any incident of storm damage, an inspector can determine the extent of the damage and help inform homeowners about the repairs that are needed, if any.

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A different type of problem that can arise during an inspection for another issue is work that was done without a permit. Because experienced contractors ensure that the proper permits are in place before beginning a project, work done without a project is often easily visible. An inspector may be required to report work done without a permit, leading to the need for repair to ensure that the house meets local building codes.

Obstructed drainage is another common problem identified through inspection. In fact, many common roof problems stem from water that is pooled on the roof, where it can erode materials and cause a leak. There are many different types of drainage systems, but all work towards the goal of removing water from the roof as quickly as possible. Problems can occur when a roof drains into downspouts and gutters that are blocked with leaves and other debris as well. Certain types of roofing are less prone to drainage problems, but flat roofs are particularly vulnerable. Many inspections uncover missing or clogged roof drain strainers that cause water to pool in a certain area.

By becoming aware of the most common problems that arise during a roof inspection, homeowners can be prepared financially and logistically. Regular roofing inspections can actually save money by identifying small problems before they can progress into costlier issues.

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