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In order to make sure that the roof is able to protect against all types of moisture and weather damage, it is important for homeowners to invest in the right type of flashing along with the shingle and tile job. There are many types of flashings that Rockland County roofing experts can install, depending on the nature of the installation and what the homeowner needs. One of the most commonly chosen materials is copper. Copper flashings are renowned for their advantages, and roofing professionals will often pair them with difficult or extensive projects, such as those involving architectural shingles. Homeowners are encouraged to think about some of the pros and cons that come with these flashings in order to see if their installation will benefit the roof's long term health.

Copper is an incredibly durable material. It is most commonly chosen for projects because it is almost completely rustproof and capable of withstanding a large amount of natural forces. Roofers often use copper flashings for commercial locations although they are commonly used in homes that need additional rooftop protection. It is not the easiest type of installation to perform, but once it is completed, homeowners will notice many advantages.

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To begin, copper flashings have a very long life. Copper itself is a very durable material that is able to withstand all types of damage. This includes weathering and time based factors. Copper is also relatively easy to maintain. Once it is set, homeowners will not need to go out of their ways to perform any specific tasks for the copper flashing. Because it is resistant to rust and corrosion to such an incredible degree, homeowners will never need to treat it. It will be a very long time before individuals will need to pay particular attention to the state of their copper.

While it is a structurally powerful metal, homeowners may not look forward to some of its disadvantages. Copper is a very costly material to install. Because it is so strong, it will need to be fabricated carefully with installations designed specifically to match the house's roofing needs. There are almost no molds or mass produced solutions when it comes to copper flashing. Additionally, not all roofers will be skilled enough to perform the necessary installation. Copper is a very difficult material to work, one that requires skill and technique. Homeowners will have to ask contractors beforehand if they have experience working with copper to make sure that they have the best possible installation.

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