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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Flat Roofing For Commercial Buildings

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When it comes to commercial roofing, flat roofs are an attractive option for many business owners. Commonly seen in strip malls and office parks across the globe, flat roofs are experiencing a Renaissance in both homes and academic buildings as an upscale stylistic choice. However, while these roofs are often cheaper to install than their sloped brethren, they're not a great choice for certain climates and building types. If you're a building manager who is thinking about installing a flat roof, it's essential that you consider the advantages and disadvantages of this roofing style before purchase.

One of the most powerful advantages of a flat roof is the cost. These roofs generally cost a fraction of sloped composite and metal alternatives. This is part of the reason these roofs are so popular for restaurants and strip malls; for example, for Rockland County roofing, commercial buildings often use flat roof styles. Even if you're not a fan of flat roofs, with the right facade installed by professional roofers, these roofs won't distract from your storefront's design.

Maintenance is another big part of why you might consider a flat roof. Because flat roofs have much less of a slope, it's easier for workers to get on the roofs and clean or repair them. Additionally, even though flat roofs generally must be re-coated and sealed every few years, the cost of maintaining shingles on a sloped roof far exceeds the cost of a well-maintained flat roof.

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Maintenance is key to keeping the flat roof from needing replacement. Flat roofs generally have a tar or resin membrane to keep out the water. Gravel is usually laid over the membrane to protect against UV damage and direct impact from rain. However, if the gravel is moved, it could cause damage to the resin layer. Leaks are difficult to spot and take years off the life of the roof. If you're thinking about a flat roof, consider how much time you can devote to routine maintenance checks.

Another reason flat roofs may not work for you is local climate. While flat roofs usually have slight pitches for light amounts of rain and snow, these roofs are much more sensitive to inclement weather than sloped roofs. Companies often end up having their roofers repair weather-damaged flat roofs. On weaker roofs, heavy snowfall could be enough to cause damage that would warrant a roof replacement.

Finally, flat roofs are not preferable for building with large building top surface areas. The structural integrity of these roofs declines as the size increases, which isn't a problem you see with sloped surfaces. Additionally, the cost of coating and repairing larger surfaces can be dramatically higher than with smaller buildings.

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