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When driving through a residential neighborhood and viewing the homes, there is likely at least one gable roof on every block. These roofs are popular in America and have two sides that come together to create a triangular shape that is called a gable, which is how this style of roof got its name. Here is some information that can help those who already have a gable roof or those who are considering having one installed.

Rockland County roofing professionals should be able to easily craft these roofs as they have a basic design, but homeowners could add more variation if they desired. A house can have a large peaked roof, multiple gables of varying sizes or a different style with a few gables, so there is a lot of freedom when it comes to this roof design.

While being easy to construct, gable roofs also offer benefits to homeowners. The triangular style is convenient when it comes to dispelling rain and snow, so gable roofs offer natural protection from some of the elements.

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Saving money with a simple roof installation is a large initial advantage of gable roofs, but the drainage potential is probably the biggest benefit as this could prevent leaks and damage over time.

Aesthetically speaking, gable roofs come in eye-catching designs and can result in interesting contrasts. The roofs also allow for more light to enter the home. The shape that the walls form provides more room inside a home, which is suitable for vaulted ceilings or a large attic. Those who want spacious living areas with plenty of natural lighting might want to look into gable roofs. However, there is some versatility available depending on your needs, and a gable roof could also provide shade when used as an overhang.

Gable roofs can also protect walls from inclement weather since the overhangs shield siding, windows and doors. This works best for single-story homes unless there is a brow roof, which involves a portion of the roof stretching out past the ceiling of the first floor.

When crafting gable roofs, roofers must take care to properly support the roof so that it does not collapse. These roofs can be susceptible to damage from high winds, and winds can peel materials away or detach a roof from the rest of the property. Braces are typically used to prevent wind damage, and gable roofs should be inspected after major storms occur.

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