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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Go Green By Installing A Skylight

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Many people wrongly assume that going green means sacrificing style, beauty and comfort for energy efficiency. In reality, environmentally conscious homes are among the most beautiful, and their energy-efficient appliances and building materials make them less expensive to operate and maintain over the course of their lifetime. Even if you live in an older home, there are small projects that you can do that can greatly enhance your home's energy efficiency. Installing a ventilated skylight is one of those projects.

Not all skylights are created equal. For year-round energy savings, you'll want to choose one that is solar-powered, resists transmitting the sun's heat into your home in the summer and does not transmit your home's heat to the outside when it is closed during the winter. An experienced Rockland County roofing contractor can help you choose the most energy-efficient skylight.

For maximum energy savings, place the skylight in an area that usually needs an electric light during the day such as an interior bathroom, a hallway or stairwell. Piping in natural light to these areas will eliminate the need to turn on a light during daylight hours.

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With a skylight, you may even be able to grow houseplants that clean your home's air, making your home healthier than it would have otherwise been.

When opened, a ventilated skylight also allows you to a create convection current inside your home and cool it, bypassing your HVAC unit entirely. This is especially helpful in the evenings and early mornings when the outdoor temperature has dropped but your indoor temperatures remain high. Additionally, opening your skylight can help your HVAC unit cool your home more efficiently by allowing heated air near the ceiling to escape instead of passing it through the system to cool it.

For effortless comfort, you can program your solar-powered skylight to open and close at a set time every day, such as when the sun sets or when your home reaches a certain temperature. Humidity sensors tell the skylight to close when it rains.

Because installing a skylight involves penetrating your home's thermal envelope and waterproofing it, it is not recommended for novice DIYers. Homeowners who choose to have a skylight installed must be committed to faithful roof maintenance. While your skylight and your roofing materials may be warranted for decades, the flashing and sealants used to waterproof a skylight can only stand up to the sun's UV rays for 3 to 5 years. Maintaining your skylight's waterproofing is critical to its leak-free performance.

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