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Green roofs are an innovative way to roof a house in an environmentally friendly fashion. This kind of a roof can be used even in cold climates like the northeastern United States. These roofs require careful maintenance and regular inspections by experienced Rockland County roofing contractors to help prevent problems such as leaks and damage to the perimeter walls of the home. An annual inspection of a green roof will include several key components of the roofing system.

One of the first parts that roofers will inspect is the water drainage system. This typically includes drain openings and a series of pipes. The downspouts will connect to the home's exterior walls and empty a few feet away from the foundation. Blocked drain openings could allow pooling of water. This can weaken the rooftop and promote leaking. An obstruction in the drain pipes could cause water to flow backward and result in a leak. Roofers will check the drainage and test all of the pipes to ensure that they are properly emptying.

The contractors will also check the condition of the reinforced underlay. While this can be difficult to do without removing multiple layers of the green roof, there are some technological tools that can make the process easier. Roofers may use an infrared camera to show whether any moisture has intruded through the waterproofing membrane and into the home's underlying support structures.

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Any moisture that has passed through may necessitate a repair to prevent a leak inside of the house.

Root barriers will also be inspected. As the plants on a green roof's surface grow and develop, their roots will become more persistent. Tough plant roots can easily penetrate through the protective layers meant to keep the building's interior dry. Root barriers are usually made of several layers of polymerized rubber that are rolled or poured onto the roof's surface.

Trained engineers or roofers will also check on the current weight of the roof. The house must be able to support the mass of a fully saturated green roof. As plants grow and thrive, they add mass. This must also be accounted for over the years after such a roof is installed.

On a sloped green roof, the contractors will also check that the design facilitates proper drainage. In places with cold winters, this design must take into consideration the amount of melting ice or snow. The design of the drainage system is also important so that the formation of ice dams and icicles can be avoided.

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