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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Gutter Cleaning Techniques

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We're a professional Rockland County roofing company that knows high-quality gutters are an important functional component of your home's exterior. While we're proud to install copper, aluminum or vinyl gutters that are leak resistant and have a great appearance, that alone is not enough to keep you property healthy. Regular gutter cleaning is essential for proper water flow off your roof. Gutter cleaning may seem like a difficult and dirty job, but that doesn't mean cleaning can't be made more efficient and easy with a few key tips.

Professionals make their gutter cleaning duties less stressful by having good tools and materials. A ladder should be strong and appropriate for the situation. If the area being cleaned is level, a free standing ladder is adequate. If it's not, they'll likely use an extension ladder that can be secured to the side of your home. A worker's safety should always be a top priority when they are performing duties in or around your property.

Anyone worker who has cleaned gutters without gloves has likely paid a heavy price for a very important lesson. Gutters don't only collect harmless organic matter, but sharp objects and irritating substances that can cause serious damage to human hands. Before reaching into your gutter, a professional will make sure their hands are covered with a good pair of thick work gloves.

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Some workers will prefer to use a gutter scoop to remove all that debris instead of their hands. Others will even go a step further by getting a gutter gadget such as a remote controlled cleaning robot.

Professionals who go into a gutter cleaning project always have a strategy in mind. Instead of climbing a ladder on a whim and throwing debris down onto the lawn, they will think about how they're going to collect and get rid of the materials clogging up your gutters. One of the best ways to collect debris is with a bucket that hangs next to the worker as they clean. The easier the job is, the quicker your gutters will be clean.

Once your gutters have been fully removed of debris, a worker will still need to make sure that the downspouts are clear of any clogs. Clean gutters won't do any good if water can't escape through the spout during a storm. Most clogs can be removed with a pressure hose or a long pole. In certain circumstances, a professional may have to deconstruct the downspout to get at the clogging debris.

If gutter cleaning is still something you don't want a worker to have to deal with, installing gutter guards may be an attractive option. These barriers allow water runoff from your roof to enter the gutters while blocking larger materials that can cause clogs. Installing guards can be a significant cost, but knowing that your gutters won't have to be cleaned again may be well worth the investment.

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