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Rockland County Roofing: Article About Hammers, Staple Guns and Nail Guns

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Homeowners are sometimes surprised by the variety of tools that Rockland County roofing contractors bring to the job. When you are having asphalt shingles installed, you may see workers on your roof carrying staple guns and nail guns as well as roofing hammers and nails. Each type of tool has a specific purpose, and the wrong tool for the task can result in problems with your new roof.

Staple guns are often used to attach felt to the decking. This can make the job go faster, and since staples are typically less expensive than nails, it may reduce your cost slightly. However, some unscrupulous or inexperienced roofers have been known to attach asphalt shingles with staple guns. This is an extremely bad practice. Staples cannot adequately secure shingles against wind, so the shingles could potentially blow off. Staples are also smaller, allowing them to rust through much more quickly than nails. Furthermore, if staples are used to install your shingles, the manufacturer may reject any claim you file while your roof is under warranty.

Nail guns and hammers are both acceptable methods of attaching asphalt shingles under certain circumstances. Every contractor tends to develop a preference for one method over the other.

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However, a trustworthy contractor will ensure that the method chosen is right for the particular task. For example, some manufacturers state that a particular line of shingles must be nailed by hand for the warranty to be valid. Nail guns may not be effective if the decking material is extremely hard or if heavy shingles are being installed without removing the existing layer.

In the hands of an experienced roofer, nail guns can be an effective way to complete all or part of a job in less time. However, nail guns can be problematic when used by workers who lack expertise with them. If the depth adjustment is set too deeply, the gun can drive the nail all the way through the shingle, leaving it unsecured. Alternatively, if the depth chosen is too shallow, the nail can be left jutting up from the shingle. Inexperienced users may also miss the target area and drive the nail through the exposed portion of the shingle, increasing the risk of leaks from a cracked shingle.

If you choose a trustworthy roofing contractor, you need not worry about which method or methods they will use to install your asphalt shingles. Reliable contractors evaluate all of the specifics related to every job, matching each tool to the tasks for which it makes the most sense and provides the best results.

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