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Older homes steeped in history need to be kept up, not only to preserve their status as local landmarks but also to provide the basic maintenance the home requires to keep functioning. You may think a roof is just a roof but think again. To truly be a historic home, everything about the house inside and out must be true to the time period in which it was created. Finding a Rockland County roofing professional to handle your historic restoration is easy when you enlist the help of experts like Precision Roofing, Inc. who specialize in this type of job.

A lot goes into a historic roof restoration as it takes a lot of research and dedication to match the original roof to the new one. Not only does the craft require an exact replica of the original roofing materials, it may also involve the implementation of craft practices in achieving the same effect. Today's machine-made shingles, for example, are much different than the handsplit wooden shingles of the early 20th century. Balancing history with advances in technology and materials is a fine line to walk. Hundreds of years ago, fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials were not widely used; however, today, it's imperative to ensure the utmost safety of the roofing system yet not compromise the historical significance of the original roof.

It takes a specialized, skilled hand to recreate the historical allure of a centuries-old home, restaurant, mansion or church. It's also a lengthy process that takes time, patience and artistry to achieve.

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Preserving the look of a historical structure involves attention to detail, especially in regards to the structure's integrity and past. It requires getting access to materials not readily available nowadays to fit the restoration process exactly. As a result, not every roofer you encounter will offer this service. The roofing professional you choose should be able to show a complete portfolio of previous work. A roofer experienced in this area will be able to create a seamless replica of the roof that came before it, which will also be durable and built to last another few decades.

This process also requires adhering to local, state or federal guidelines in regards to keeping a particular home on a register of historical places. Many communities have historical societies that have guidelines in place for restoration of homes and other structures in their towns that must be followed if the building is to maintain its historic status. Blending aesthetics with functionality is key, a process that involves painstaking research to compile not only written information on the roof but photographic evidence as well.

Awareness of roofing traditions, adherence to detailed specifications, and knowledge of various types of architecture from Queen Anne turrets to Mansard roofs is a requirement of any professional in this field. Choosing a roofing specialist with proven experience and know-how in this area is key to ensuring the most accurate work possible.

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