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Rockland County Roofing: Article About How To Replace Your Shingles

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Damaged shingles are one of the leading causes of roof issues. Neglecting to replace missing or deteriorating shingles can allow moisture into your home as well as damage the underlying structure. As they are the first line of defense, shingles need to be replaced as they wear down to drastically lengthen the life of any roof, which can save you the trouble of costly repairs and even full replacements in the future.

First, hiring a professional to inspect your roof can often be the best course of action to give you peace of mind that your home is safe. Contractors such as those found at Rockland County roofing know exactly what to look for and can professionally repair damaged areas. For some, however, this option simply is not in the budget, or they are simply too stubborn and need to do the work themselves. Whichever category you fall into, following these steps should help you to replace your damaged shingles.

As a precaution, be sure to wear shoes that can safely grip your roof to keep you from slipping. It is also recommended that you install roof jacks to create level platforms to stand on. While professionals may be accustomed to scaling a steeply pitched roof, even they make use of harnesses and take extra care to safely perform their work. No amount of money saved is worth risking your safety. On a side note, try to work when the weather is cool and dry to keep from making your job more difficult and even more prone to accidents.

Now that you are sure that you can perform repairs safely, the next step is to scope out all the areas that are deteriorating. Once you identify the damaged areas, check under the shingles to be sure the lining and supports are in good condition.

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If you do notice that the affected area has underlying damage, you will have to remove larger sections of shingles in order to properly make repairs.

Start to pull up on the shingles two rows above where you aim to repair. Once you have the shingle at a 60-degree angle, remove the nail of the shingle below it, taking care not to damage any of the undamaged shingles. Remove three in a row and then work your way down until you have taken out the deteriorating shingles. Next, choose shingles that match the style of your roof and set them in place of the ones you just removed.

Using shingle cement, seal along the back of the new shingles and press firmly down before using roofing nails to set them in place. Continue this process all the way back up to the first row that you pulled up initially. Work deliberately and slowly, taking care with each new shingle to seal it correctly and in line before nailing it into place. Be careful again at the top to nail in place without damaging the shingle you lift.

Congratulations, you have just successfully repaired your roof and saved yourself some money. Though some may need the assistance of a contractor, for those capable of the work, it can be a great way to learn how to take care of your home and to keep within your budget. Should you ever need to hire a contractor, you will also be more prepared to understand their estimates without being taken advantage of and to ask educated questions.

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