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Rockland County Roofing: Article About How To Winterize Your Roof

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When it's time to prepare for the winter season, one of the most important steps to protecting your home is to winterize the roof. Many people assume that the roof can easily withstand heavy rain and snow for several months at a time, but any structure is prone to leaks or cracks that can begin to develop due to too much wear. To ensure that the roof is secure and that the home is protected, there are a few methods to creating a safe property.

Adding extra insulation will work to strengthen the structure of the roof while also preventing heat loss, which can cause icicles to form. Rockland County roofing professionals can guide homeowners on proper insulation levels. Heat cables are often recommended while winterizing the roof and can be installed to allow snow to quickly melt when it begins to settle on the top of a home. They're extremely effective on shaded areas of the roof that do not receive much sunlight during the winter.

Branches that are hanging too closely to the roof should be cut back to prevent them from breaking from wind and heavy snow that accumulates. Trees that are trimmed nearby will prevent anything from falling onto the roof and causing it to cave in. This should be done in the late fall to prevent the branches from growing back too quickly.

It's also important to clean rain gutters to ensure that rain and snow are easily drained.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding TPO roofing or asphalt roofing.

Gutters that are clogged can cause the rain and snow to become too heavy for the roof and create added pressure. Wet leaves are known to become heavy and even frozen, which can lead to loose gutters for water damage in the home.

An additional step that homeowners can take while winterizing the roof is to have the structure inspected by a professional. This will make it easy to locate loose shingles or asphalt. Cement can then be applied to prevent the pieces from breaking or coming loose when harsh weather arrives. Missing shingles should also be replaced to protect the interior of the home. With a proper inspection, mold and warped wood can also be identified and immediately repaired to restore the condition of the roof and prevent further damage. While performing an inspection, a roofer can check to see that the flashing on any chimney is still in good condition and doesn't have signs of wear.

Leaks can also develop on the roof without the homeowner's knowledge but will quickly cause problems once moisture sets in from rain or snow that comes in contact with the structure. Ask a professional to perform an inspection of the roof and any leaks that may be present, which can increase in the severity of the leaks if they're not quickly repaired.

Pest infestation can be an additional threat to the roof and should be located by a professional inspector. Raccoons or mice can easily make a home on the roof when wanting to find shelter from the winter weather conditions. They're known to look for weak spots.

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