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If a home has a fireplace and uses a chimney as part of a ventilation system, it is imperative that the chimney be cleaned at least once a year. When creosote is allowed to build up in the chimney flue, it could result in a significant fire that could damage the home as well as surrounding homes. A Rockland County roofing professional may be able to check for unsafe levels of debris in the chimney as well as check it for any structural damage.

There are many benefits to keeping a chimney clean. First, it ensures that it is allowed to work at peak efficiency. This will keep energy bills to a minimum as well as ensure that smoke, gas and other odors are swept out of the house.

Creosote acts as insulation wherever it forms, which means that it makes it harder for heat transfer to take place within a system. Homeowners who notice that their energy bills are higher than normal may want to call for a roof inspection that will look at the chimney and the rest of the structure as a whole.

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Why is keeping smoke to a minimum important for a homeowner? If it circulates within a home, it can create foul odors that linger and are hard to remove. The smells can get into clothing, a favorite easy chair or even into the walls. Assuming that it gets outside, smoke pollution can decrease outdoor air quality, which could make it harder to breathe for everyone in the neighborhood.

Carbon monoxide typically gets vented out of a home through the chimney. However, if the chimney is blocked, it creates a situation where carbon monoxide can come back into a home. As it is generally colorless and odorless, those inside of the home won't know that it is even there until it is too late.

In addition to keeping the chimney clean, be sure that the chimney is in good condition throughout the year. If liners or sidings are missing or worn, they may need to be replaced. It may also be a good idea to ensure that any flashings installed along the chimney are in good condition as well. If flashing is not installed properly, it could allow water to get into the flue as well as seep into other parts of the home. Finally, make sure that the chimney cap is in good condition. This will allow smoke and other particles out while also keeping insects, animals and water at bay.

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