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Due to the popularity of metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings in the area, the maintenance and repair of metal roofing are common services provided by Rockland County roofing companies. A great advantage of this roof style is the low total cost of ownership, but homeowners need to ensure that longevity through regular inspection and preventive maintenance.

Perhaps the most common mistake people make is not keeping their roofs and gutters clear. The debris that can accumulate on metal roofs, particularly at joints, is problematic and can cause the roof to deteriorate at a much higher rate than normal. It's also a good idea to keep all gutters and downspouts clear because blockages will also lead to corrosion and other issues.

As a general rule, a metal roof requires an inspection twice a year. Many homeowners opt to perform those inspections in the spring and fall, just before those intense climate changes. Many issues are visible from the ground, but use a ladder and climb up to at least gutter level to get a close look. Examine the roof for any indication of pinholes or deterioration. Pay particular attention to the seams.

When it comes time to recoat, many homeowners do the entire roof due to the aesthetic value of uniformity.

The roofing experts at Precision roofing of Rockland County can answer questions regarding asphalt roofing or PVC roofing.

That isn't a necessity, however, and you can feel free to apply either epoxy or ceramic coating in only the area where the degradation is occurring. If the front of the house looks fine, for instance, than spot repairs out back can save you both time and money.

Preparation is essential when applying any type of coating to a metal roof. Attention to detail now will ensure that the new application demonstrates maximum effectiveness and longevity. Cutting corners, on the other hand, will only cost more money in the end because the end result is you having to apply more coating sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

Proper prep requires you to use a scraper or a wire brush. The goal is to remove as much as the old coating as is practical. Anything loose has to go, and anything that can be removed with a bit of elbow grease should go as well. If any part of the coating would require anything more than that, it can stay, and it should bond to the new coating well.

Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to recoat the roof with what is already on there. If you're new to metal roofing, then take some time to explore your various options. Although they cost more than a basic sealant, there are coatings available that waterproof your roof, make it more rust-resistant and even more heat reflective. Reflectivity is particularly useful due to the propensity a metal roof has for absorbing and retaining heat.

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